What is your earliest eCommerce memory?

It’s about time for me to retire the t-shirt pictured here; but there’s an exciting eCommerce story behind it. In 1999 the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dale Sundby, backed by CBS launched a site called StoreRunner.com. It was one of a handful of sites that brought together multiple retailers with a focus on local inventory categorized…… Continue reading What is your earliest eCommerce memory?

E-commerce, F-commerce, M-commerce… Social Commerce

From the early days of e-commerce and Amazon there are now several evolving platforms that enable us to buy not only with coins and bills but also with credit, tokens, and even charge to our existing mobile bills. The evolutions of Facebook-commerce and Mobile-commerce are changing the way we interact with retailers by empowering us…… Continue reading E-commerce, F-commerce, M-commerce‚Ķ Social Commerce

The Target Obsession

So it's been a week since my Target adventure and in retrospect it seems like a funny story to tell – and yes, Anya you can share this too…It all started with an ad (a full page ad) in GQ for a great looking herringbone blazer – just great for the holidays that I thought…… Continue reading The Target Obsession