Why advertising needs entrepreneurs

Regardless of whether you are part of a hot-shop 17-man creative boutique, or one of a 450-man flagship office of a global agency network, the advertising business still needs more than a healthy dose of entrepreneurs – and I think the industry is forgetting that. The challenge with this business, however large the brand name…… Continue reading Why advertising needs entrepreneurs

How do we build knowledge in the agency business?

The question of building knowledge in this industry has arisen more frequently recently, mainly as a result of expanding markets in particular areas such as digital and interactive and also as a result of the economic downturn when many people are let go or changing positions and organisations must fight hard to transfer and retain…… Continue reading How do we build knowledge in the agency business?

Digital planner, an even rarer bird

The traditional advertising agency strategic planner is a rare bird, mostly of anglo-saxon origin and more often than not found congregating in London, New York and Minneapolis. Every other country outside the anglo-saxon world that has tried to apply strategic planning, never seems to get it quite right, either from an internal or external perspective.…… Continue reading Digital planner, an even rarer bird