SXSW Roundup

I wasn’t at SXSW (although I wish I had been), in fact I was following from afar, fervently trying to stay updated with the action via Twitter, and diligently adding the #notatsxsw hastag along with organising a breakfast with some fellow geeks here in Dubai to commiserate (thanks @MissGoogle @DanStuart @PKGulati). But maybe not being…… Continue reading SXSW Roundup

Living the Brand –

There aren’t that many startups in the region who have really proved their worth beyond very small scale operations and beyond this who have developed a brand with both heart and soul, along with a desire to make money. One brand that jumps out of the pack is GoNabit, the leading group buying site in…… Continue reading Living the Brand –

T- Shaped on Twitter, and in Life

#UsBlogs week 3 theme: “How to Build Your Offline Klout?” Online, the klout score is measured through a combination of different variables to measure reach, amplification and network score – when we take these offline we start to see how T-shaped people are a clear winner to building clout. True Reach: Driving reach offline is…… Continue reading T- Shaped on Twitter, and in Life

Social Dynamics 102: Klout & Quora

As we enter 2011, there are two new brands on the social scene who are starting to have major impact – these are Klout and Quora.┬áThe first of these is a measure of our social influence, there are many such sites out there who have developed their own proprietary algorithm to monitor your presence and…… Continue reading Social Dynamics 102: Klout & Quora