What is your earliest eCommerce memory?

It’s about time for me to retire the t-shirt pictured here; but there’s an exciting eCommerce story behind it. In 1999 the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dale Sundby, backed by CBS launched a site called StoreRunner.com. It was one of a handful of sites that brought together multiple retailers with a focus on local inventory categorized…… Continue reading What is your earliest eCommerce memory?

The new gold rush. 💵💴

With #eCommerce penetration now at critical mass, and beyond in many categories, the new gold rush is to connect media #audiences with the retail platforms — or simply to integrate the transactional step of the funnel. Looking East to the promises of #SocialCommerce, the key factor in all these executions is to connect the broadest audiences to a transaction in the…… Continue reading The new gold rush. 💵💴

Thoughts on the Publicis Groupe reorganisation

Maurice Levy, CEO of Publicis, made a major announcement about the organisation of the Publicis Groupe yesterday – see the video below: There have been a swath of article and opinions over the last 24 hours regarding whether this is the right or wrong move, comparing to Martin Sorrell’s organisation of client teams at WPP…… Continue reading Thoughts on the Publicis Groupe reorganisation

A new vision for CRM

Direct marketing, email newsletters and CRM seem like tactics from a bygone age in today’s communication world; but within brands and marketing departments the arguments still rage as to whether an organisation needs to build its own customer database and harness its audience, or whether the major online ecosystems of Google, Facebook and Apple now…… Continue reading A new vision for CRM

Thoughts from LeWeb

There is a some snobbery in certain circles about LeWeb, but I am still very positive about this event that opens the mind to the amount of activity and impact that the digital revolution is having on business. The first day is always the best as it sets the scene for a number of different topics…… Continue reading Thoughts from LeWeb

Marketing Predictions for 2012

At this time of year we see a multitude of articles about predictions for the year to come – some obvious and some less evident – I’ve tried to keep my list short and focussed this time around as we marketers have only a limited bandwidth to evolve our increasingly complex ecosystem. Some elements may…… Continue reading Marketing Predictions for 2012

Content & Amplification – The New Brand Brief

Sometimes it’s still hard to talk to ‘traditional ad guys’ and get them to understand how the business of communications has changed, how the web has exploded the number of channels through which we can deliver messages and also empowered the consumer to respond, turning a monologue into dialogue and thereby giving them a voice.…… Continue reading Content & Amplification – The New Brand Brief

My Job is about Change – Agitating & Activating

Depending on who I’m talking to, I find it very hard to describe what I do – a lot of the time I talk about ‘digital strategy’ but I know that if I find it difficult to explain, that probably means that others find it even harder to understand – it’s a logical conclusion. What…… Continue reading My Job is about Change – Agitating & Activating

Can agencies really play nicely together?

I’ve had a few conversations recently about the changing remit of the advertising agency and the growing inter-relationships between different agencies, be they pure event/activation groups, web development or even media agencies. The question that always comes up (on both sides of the table) is whether the agencies will be able to get along. The…… Continue reading Can agencies really play nicely together?

Top 3 of Top Trends for 2011

Too many articles about trends for 2011 to read and digest – the top 3 in my opinion: 1. JWT Intelligence JWT: 100 Things to Watch in 2011 View more presentations from JWTIntelligence. 2. ClickHere 10 Digital Trends for 2011 from ClickHere Anytime, Anyplace – Digital Is Everywhere in 2011 Is Social Media Killing the…… Continue reading Top 3 of Top Trends for 2011