Why you don’t need a digital strategy, but you need an HR strategy

What’s the point in having a different strategy for your digital world than the rest of it? Does your brand offer different products and services online than off? Are your consumers split into those that only go to stores and those locked in their basements on a laptop? It doesn’t make sense – yet we…… Continue reading Why you don’t need a digital strategy, but you need an HR strategy

A new vision for CRM

Direct marketing, email newsletters and CRM seem like tactics from a bygone age in today‚Äôs communication world; but within brands and marketing departments the arguments still rage as to whether an organisation needs to build its own customer database and harness its audience, or whether the major online ecosystems of Google, Facebook and Apple now…… Continue reading A new vision for CRM

Learning to love big data

I love data, I get excited by datasets that have hidden meaning, data that is trying to deliver an insight and is just waiting for me to tabulate and cross-match, or plot it on a chart to ask the right question and weed out the insight behind the figures. But I’m a geek, and beyond…… Continue reading Learning to love big data

Marketing Predictions for 2012

At this time of year we see a multitude of articles about predictions for the year to come – some obvious and some less evident – I’ve tried to keep my list short and focussed this time around as we marketers have only a limited bandwidth to evolve our increasingly complex ecosystem. Some elements may…… Continue reading Marketing Predictions for 2012

The State of the Web

For those that haven’t seen it, sharing this great infographic on the state of the internet:   Created by: OnlineSchools.org   Thanks to @candiceparkson for the link.

My Job is about Change – Agitating & Activating

Depending on who I’m talking to, I find it very hard to describe what I do – a lot of the time I talk about ‘digital strategy’ but I know that if I find it difficult to explain, that probably means that others find it even harder to understand – it’s a logical conclusion. What…… Continue reading My Job is about Change – Agitating & Activating

Data is the new marketing drug

The title of this post is confusing, because data isn’t really new, but maybe we haven’t thought of it as a drug before. Data has been around in marketing as long as P&G and J&J have been developing new products and running focus groups, whether the data is quantitative or qualitative it has always existed,…… Continue reading Data is the new marketing drug