Confinement Collection // Lockdown List

What have you bought during the confinement, and where have you purchased from? The lockdown has brought a swift acceleration of our shift from purchasing instore to online, even avid online buyers have moved new categories online. We have been testing out a number of retailers – how their supply chain and customer service performs…… Continue reading Confinement Collection // Lockdown List

Social Media Memories from Birth

My daughter, Victoria Bradshaw-Zanger, was born last Monday 11th April – exactly a week ago. Every step of the way was captured by photos, tweets, SMS, MMS and even live phone calls. There are some amazing photos from her birth itself (NSFW or Facebook) that really capture the magic of the human body and what…… Continue reading Social Media Memories from Birth

The first Thanksgiving

So that whole thing about 'first' thanksgiving isn't really true – I'm not going to write a history lesson about pilgrims, indians and founding fathers; not because it isn't interesting, or because it wouldn't be helpful to 99% of the people reading this but mainly because I don't know and therefore there's a good chance…… Continue reading The first Thanksgiving