Everyone needs skunkworks

In this day and age everyone, every company, every organization that believes in ideas needs skunkworks – not only agencies, but above all agencies since their whole business models relies on the creation of ideas. I have long been in awe of BBH Labs (@bbhlabs) founded by Mel Exon (@melex) and Ben Malbon (@malbonnington)┬áin 2008;…… Continue reading Everyone needs skunkworks

How do we build knowledge in the agency business?

The question of building knowledge in this industry has arisen more frequently recently, mainly as a result of expanding markets in particular areas such as digital and interactive and also as a result of the economic downturn when many people are let go or changing positions and organisations must fight hard to transfer and retain…… Continue reading How do we build knowledge in the agency business?

Packaging, content and delivery

Mark Zuckerberg is no Steve Jobs, and we probably knew that already. But for those of you that watched the livestream update from Facebook HQ last night (or yesterday afternoon, depending on where you were), and saw the recent Apple Keynote, or have ever seen Jobs present you will understand what I mean when I…… Continue reading Packaging, content and delivery