Everyone needs skunkworks

In this day and age everyone, every company, every organization that believes in ideas needs skunkworks – not only agencies, but above all agencies since their whole business models relies on the creation of ideas. I have long been in awe of BBH Labs (@bbhlabs) founded by Mel Exon (@melex) and Ben Malbon (@malbonnington) in 2008;…… Continue reading Everyone needs skunkworks

BDW Making Digital Work – Day 2, Afternoon

The afternoon session kicked off with Scott Prindle (@prindlescott) VP Creative technology at CP&B giving us real insight into the development of technology within the agency and the appearance (and importance) of the creative technologist. He told us that now at CP&B, 1/3 of their digital work is on mobile and them proportion is growing;…… Continue reading BDW Making Digital Work – Day 2, Afternoon