The new gold rush. 💵💴

With #eCommerce penetration now at critical mass, and beyond in many categories, the new gold rush is to connect media #audiences with the retail platforms — or simply to integrate the transactional step of the funnel. Looking East to the promises of #SocialCommerce, the key factor in all these executions is to connect the broadest audiences to a transaction in the…… Continue reading The new gold rush. 💵💴

Kicking off SocialCommerce in Europe with TikTok & L’Oreal

Last week we announced an exciting project we’ve been working on behind the scenes with TikTok, to bring shopping directly into the app experience. Through our strength in #eCommerce, our continued innovation in #LiveShopping with LiSA, and #SocialCommerce with Replika Software Inc.; and now our partnership with TikTok we are very excited to be the first international…… Continue reading Kicking off SocialCommerce in Europe with TikTok & L’Oreal

A new vision for CRM

Direct marketing, email newsletters and CRM seem like tactics from a bygone age in today’s communication world; but within brands and marketing departments the arguments still rage as to whether an organisation needs to build its own customer database and harness its audience, or whether the major online ecosystems of Google, Facebook and Apple now…… Continue reading A new vision for CRM

Thoughts from LeWeb

There is a some snobbery in certain circles about LeWeb, but I am still very positive about this event that opens the mind to the amount of activity and impact that the digital revolution is having on business. The first day is always the best as it sets the scene for a number of different topics…… Continue reading Thoughts from LeWeb

Digital Transformation – It’s about the people

It’s not about search, social or structure… it’s about the people – all the people, the human beings that need to transform and be transformed. I really enjoyed reading Altimeter’s latest research on digital transformation because in the simplest of terms it didn’t talk about technology and tools, but focussed on the people; the two…… Continue reading Digital Transformation – It’s about the people

Social By Design is the Only Filter

In a world of exploding choice, where technology and industrialisation mean that supply can vastly outstrip demand, social is really the only filter that works to get real answers to complex choices. A real life example from this week, that shows how much further we really have to go: a group of friends are visiting…… Continue reading Social By Design is the Only Filter

Getting Employees Onboard with Social

Social Media is here, and as companies are wondering how to ‘get on board’ a major part of this will be letting employees know what they should, and shouldn’t do – this infographic from Mindflash says it all. via Mindflash.

Social is going to be digital all over again for ad agencies

Whilst watching the Facebook Marketing Conference in New York the other day (you can catch up with all the talks on the LiveStream link here), I was enormously happy to hear Nigel Morris (@NigelDMorris) from Aegis’s comments on how ad agencies need to adapt for social. Watch the video below and listen particularly to Nigel’s…… Continue reading Social is going to be digital all over again for ad agencies