#McDHack14: All hack’d out

McDonald’s ran it’s first Hackathon in Europe last week. Check out some of the live Tweets below, the photos in our next post here, and the winners on Challenge Post: #McDHack14 Tweets //   McDonald’s Hackathon in the press: Marketing Magazine: McDonald’s to host hackathon to explore new ways to connect with millennials Burger Business:…… Continue reading #McDHack14: All hack’d out

McDonald’s Hackathon 2014

          It’s official… at McDonald’s Europe we are organising our first hackathon! And it’s taking place in London at the Rainmaking Loft, November 21-23 2014. McDonald’s is already a market leader when it comes to digital innovation. Technology has made the famous brand evolve in terms of offers and customer relationships. 7 years ago,…… Continue reading McDonald’s Hackathon 2014

Barriers to the Phygital Revolution

I love that word phygital, I didn’t come up with it, and I’m not even sure it was coined by Momentum either (although they have trademarked it), but they seem to have optimised their site for this term and their positioning as An agency for the Phygital™ world. But phygital doesn’t belong to just one agency.…… Continue reading Barriers to the Phygital Revolution