Turning on Social: Google+, Facebook Timeline & Unthink

With the launch of Google+ pages for business last week, we’re starting to get a little lost in the tornado of social platforms that are a ‘must-have’ for business, I remember the days when brands were still deciding whether they really needed a website, and today the question is more about a Facebook page, a…… Continue reading Turning on Social: Google+, Facebook Timeline & Unthink

Barriers to the Phygital Revolution

I love that word phygital, I didn’t come up with it, and I’m not even sure it was coined by Momentum either (although they have trademarked it), but they seem to have optimised their site for this term and their positioning as An agency for the Phygital™ world. But phygital doesn’t belong to just one agency.…… Continue reading Barriers to the Phygital Revolution

iPad, iPad2… Laptop

  Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPad, and now even more with the launch of the iPad2. The beautiful touch screen is now even shinier, the camera means I can do some of the fun things that were once relegated to my phone and the thinner form factor means that it feels that…… Continue reading iPad, iPad2… Laptop

Google Profile + Social Circle = My Online Demise

OK, so maybe the title is somewhat of an exageration, but the recent discussion around the launch of Google’s social network application Social Circles (you can read about it here and here) has got me nervous about how I’m going to integrate this with my existing Google products and reopened the old Profiles wound. I…… Continue reading Google Profile + Social Circle = My Online Demise

The Chasm in Advertising

Advertising is dying, but this time from the inside. We’ve seen many of the recent articles in FastCompany (The Future of Advertising, 17 November 2010) and Business Week (Don Draper’s Revenge, 24 November 2010) talking about the future of the industry and although many would argue that the same story has been rolled out annually…… Continue reading The Chasm in Advertising