BDW Making Digital Work – Day 2, Afternoon

The afternoon session kicked off with Scott Prindle (@prindlescott) VP Creative technology at CP&B giving us real insight into the development of technology within the agency and the appearance (and importance) of the creative technologist. He told us that now at CP&B, 1/3 of their digital work is on mobile and them proportion is growing;…… Continue reading BDW Making Digital Work – Day 2, Afternoon

Treating creatives like adults

For far too long this industry has treated creatives like the goose that lays the golden egg – a mysterious creature that must be locked away, waited on hand and foot, and generally treated like a jewel that must pandered to and protected. But times are changing. Times are changing both for the industry as…… Continue reading Treating creatives like adults

Reinventing marketing strategy, plans and thinking

As I read the pipeline article on ‘learning to unlearn’ it occurred to me how key this idea is when applied directly to the way we plan marketing and communications campaigns today. The last few years have seen the arrival of new channels, the prevalence of content as key to engagement and have put the…… Continue reading Reinventing marketing strategy, plans and thinking

Packaging, content and delivery

Mark Zuckerberg is no Steve Jobs, and we probably knew that already. But for those of you that watched the livestream update from Facebook HQ last night (or yesterday afternoon, depending on where you were), and saw the recent Apple Keynote, or have ever seen Jobs present you will understand what I mean when I…… Continue reading Packaging, content and delivery

Digital planner, an even rarer bird

The traditional advertising agency strategic planner is a rare bird, mostly of anglo-saxon origin and more often than not found congregating in London, New York and Minneapolis. Every other country outside the anglo-saxon world that has tried to apply strategic planning, never seems to get it quite right, either from an internal or external perspective.…… Continue reading Digital planner, an even rarer bird