Sponge Bob Forever

#UsBlogs week 5 theme: “What Are You Afraid Of?” (and what are you doing about it)”   The world is changing, our lives are changing, business is changing – it seems like never in the history of humanity has change been so abound and so fast. Darwin made us understand the evolution of the species…… Continue reading Sponge Bob Forever

Agency Future – The Results

For those that follow both my blog and Twitter feed (@LexBZ), you will know that one of my favourite topics is the evolution of the agency model and how this is developing in different places around the world. Aaron Bateman (@Aaron78) has spent a year travelling, interviewing and journalling many of these new models on…… Continue reading Agency Future – The Results

Learning to walk – by the book

The major challenge affecting agencies today is how to keep up with technology as it explodes in the communications landscape around us – never before in the history of the business have so many changes, happened so fast and with such greater impact. As we try to keep up, to learn, to understand and to…… Continue reading Learning to walk – by the book