Hollywood 101 for Marketers

#UsBlogs week 4 theme: “What we learn from the movies” To understand what we can learn from the movies, we need to first break down a movie into its constituent elements; An idea – All good stories start with ideas and a movie is no exception, the screenplay is everything. Cast, crew & production -…… Continue reading Hollywood 101 for Marketers

Are digital agencies the new dinosaurs?

I was asked to answer the  question ‘Are digital agencies the new dinosaurs?’ in this week’s Campaign ME – check out my answer below and those of my industry colleagues in the attached. Digital is no longer a microsite or a banner ad, digital is everywhere and in everything – look at interactive TV, digital…… Continue reading Are digital agencies the new dinosaurs?

T- Shaped on Twitter, and in Life

#UsBlogs week 3 theme: “How to Build Your Offline Klout?” Online, the klout score is measured through a combination of different variables to measure reach, amplification and network score – when we take these offline we start to see how T-shaped people are a clear winner to building clout. True Reach: Driving reach offline is…… Continue reading T- Shaped on Twitter, and in Life

Synchronisation and Convergence

I wrote a while ago about the use of that ugly word integration within the marcomms community, for too long we have bandied this word around to basically plaster the same key visual across a multitude of different media channels. With the massive growth of the web, digital and social we are still experiencing the…… Continue reading Synchronisation and Convergence

Everyone needs skunkworks

In this day and age everyone, every company, every organization that believes in ideas needs skunkworks – not only agencies, but above all agencies since their whole business models relies on the creation of ideas. I have long been in awe of BBH Labs (@bbhlabs) founded by Mel Exon (@melex) and Ben Malbon (@malbonnington) in 2008;…… Continue reading Everyone needs skunkworks

Agency Future – The Results

For those that follow both my blog and Twitter feed (@LexBZ), you will know that one of my favourite topics is the evolution of the agency model and how this is developing in different places around the world. Aaron Bateman (@Aaron78) has spent a year travelling, interviewing and journalling many of these new models on…… Continue reading Agency Future – The Results

Best Social Media Campaign of the Year

I was asked to choose my favourite social media campaign of the year for this week’s ‘Communiquestion’ in Communicate Magazine: The Ikea Facebook campaign (not because of my Swedish heritage) because of its ingenuity and simplicity. Instead of building an app, they used the existing functionality of the platform to connect people, the brand, and…… Continue reading Best Social Media Campaign of the Year