iPad, iPad2… Laptop

  Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPad, and now even more with the launch of the iPad2. The beautiful touch screen is now even shinier, the camera means I can do some of the fun things that were once relegated to my phone and the thinner form factor means that it feels that…… Continue reading iPad, iPad2… Laptop

Synchronisation and Convergence

I wrote a while ago about the use of that ugly word integration within the marcomms community, for too long we have bandied this word around to basically plaster the same key visual across a multitude of different media channels. With the massive growth of the web, digital and social we are still experiencing the…… Continue reading Synchronisation and Convergence

No low hanging fruit on my Christmas wishlist

My wife is upset with me because there are no affordable items on my Christmas wishlist, she says that because I’m a geek (and therefore by deduction you will understand that she is not) it is very difficult for her to know what to get me, and that every time I find something I want it is…… Continue reading No low hanging fruit on my Christmas wishlist