Why content marketing will be hard for agencies

  One of the major changes in online marketing for 2012 will be the rise of content. A brand’s content strategy will be a key weapon in breaking through the clutter of ‘old school’ advertising, engaging with the consumer and delivering a brand message. But moving from advertising to content will mean major changes for…… Continue reading Why content marketing will be hard for agencies

Agency Future – The Results

For those that follow both my blog and Twitter feed (@LexBZ), you will know that one of my favourite topics is the evolution of the agency model and how this is developing in different places around the world. Aaron Bateman (@Aaron78) has spent a year travelling, interviewing and journalling many of these new models on…… Continue reading Agency Future – The Results

The contradiction of agency recruitment

There is a growing contradiction in recruitment for the agency business, one that is potentially driving us faster into the chasm that I described last week rather than across it to the safety of the other side. The advertising industry through the 80s and 90s (and even early 2000) was seen as a very glamorous…… Continue reading The contradiction of agency recruitment

Tomorrow’s creative team

Back when Bill Bernbach changed the landscape of agencies by partnering art directors and copywriters we thought that this was a major revolution in agency team structure – finally the art department which had up until then really only been thought of as production took its merited role alongside the copywriters to come up with…… Continue reading Tomorrow’s creative team

Elephant in the room syndrome for agencies

The more I search for information about agency structures and models, the less of it I seem to find, not only are there very few descriptions of the traditional agency structure, how planning, creative and client service work together, but there is even less information about how these models are evolving and what might be…… Continue reading Elephant in the room syndrome for agencies

Designing spaces for creativity

A very interesting conversation with my colleague Rena (@Renroon) yesterday got us looking at the different ways that workspaces are arranged and for what purpose. It got me thinking about the different models that I’ve experienced and their cultures since there is clearly work to be done in determining which model suits which culture best.…… Continue reading Designing spaces for creativity

It’s time to think (anew)

A very interesting piece by Charlie Lowe (@charliemlowe) at DTD today talking about the… …critical lack of resourceful and talented people in the world. and how this is particularly relevant to the advertising industry; and he makes a very valid point in that creative thinking and talented people tend to go hand in hand and as…… Continue reading It’s time to think (anew)

Advertising + Digital = ?

What happens when you try to combine a traditional agency with a digital agency – after all this is all the rage right now, as the madison avenue big boys start snapping up the geeks left and right. Integration is the buzzword of the moment, we need to develop the product (and the skillset) to…… Continue reading Advertising + Digital = ?