Content Marketing & Service Design are the future of Branding

Buy One, Get One Free; Only $9.99 with free shipping; Washes whiter than ever. These are the ad slogans of the past, there is a major shift in the way that brands communicate driven by the digital revolution. Two major changes are driving this, the first is the proliferation of marketing messages through multiple channels…… Continue reading Content Marketing & Service Design are the future of Branding

My Job is about Change – Agitating & Activating

Depending on who I’m talking to, I find it very hard to describe what I do – a lot of the time I talk about ‘digital strategy’ but I know that if I find it difficult to explain, that probably means that others find it even harder to understand – it’s a logical conclusion. What…… Continue reading My Job is about Change – Agitating & Activating

SXSW Roundup

I wasn’t at SXSW (although I wish I had been), in fact I was following from afar, fervently trying to stay updated with the action via Twitter, and diligently adding the #notatsxsw hastag along with organising a breakfast with some fellow geeks here in Dubai to commiserate (thanks @MissGoogle @DanStuart @PKGulati). But maybe not being…… Continue reading SXSW Roundup

Living the Brand –

There aren’t that many startups in the region who have really proved their worth beyond very small scale operations and beyond this who have developed a brand with both heart and soul, along with a desire to make money. One brand that jumps out of the pack is GoNabit, the leading group buying site in…… Continue reading Living the Brand –

Sponge Bob Forever

#UsBlogs week 5 theme: “What Are You Afraid Of?” (and what are you doing about it)”   The world is changing, our lives are changing, business is changing – it seems like never in the history of humanity has change been so abound and so fast. Darwin made us understand the evolution of the species…… Continue reading Sponge Bob Forever

T- Shaped on Twitter, and in Life

#UsBlogs week 3 theme: “How to Build Your Offline Klout?” Online, the klout score is measured through a combination of different variables to measure reach, amplification and network score – when we take these offline we start to see how T-shaped people are a clear winner to building clout. True Reach: Driving reach offline is…… Continue reading T- Shaped on Twitter, and in Life

Social Dynamics 102: Klout & Quora

As we enter 2011, there are two new brands on the social scene who are starting to have major impact – these are Klout and Quora. The first of these is a measure of our social influence, there are many such sites out there who have developed their own proprietary algorithm to monitor your presence and…… Continue reading Social Dynamics 102: Klout & Quora