Who Comes to Making Digital Work?

I was flattered to receive the email invite to the upcoming BDW Making Digital Work workshop in Boulder, CO when I looked at some of the stats they were bringing up for attendees, it was great to see both the breadth of companies that have sent participants and also the record for Longest Distance Travelled…… Continue reading Who Comes to Making Digital Work?

Videos from Making Digital Work NY

For those following up on the BDW Workshop in New York, here you can see a post of the videos, the original post on the MDW NY Posterous at http://makingdigitalworknyc.posterous.com. It was a pleasure to interact with and film so many talented people in NYC. I’m working on a couple of larger video projects cut…… Continue reading Videos from Making Digital Work NY

Designing spaces for creativity

A very interesting conversation with my colleague Rena (@Renroon) yesterday got us looking at the different ways that workspaces are arranged and for what purpose. It got me thinking about the different models that I’ve experienced and their cultures since there is clearly work to be done in determining which model suits which culture best.…… Continue reading Designing spaces for creativity