En route to CrackBerry-dom

So I've finally decided that I need a Crackberry – not just because I'm a gadget addict but also so I can check my email on the treadmill at the gym in the morning! I'm only part way through my existing contract, so will have to shell out a few hundred $ to get the…… Continue reading En route to CrackBerry-dom

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FriendsReunited – OK, so it does work

FriendsReunited.co.uk so it does actually work…I had dinner on Saturday evening with someone who I was at primary school with – amazing to get in touch with someone after 10 years.Thanks Jessica =)

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Choosing a city…

With my little European jaunt underway, I stopped to think this morning about how one should choose a city to live in; it’s clear that not everyone has the luxury of dreaming a city and saying "I want to move there" but there are times (I've had a couple) when you need to decide where…… Continue reading Choosing a city…