Sponge Bob Forever

#UsBlogs week 5 theme: “What Are You Afraid Of?” (and what are you doing about it)”   The world is changing, our lives are changing, business is changing – it seems like never in the history of humanity has change been so abound and so fast. Darwin made us understand the evolution of the species…… Continue reading Sponge Bob Forever

Hollywood 101 for Marketers

#UsBlogs week 4 theme: “What we learn from the movies” To understand what we can learn from the movies, we need to first break down a movie into its constituent elements; An idea – All good stories start with ideas and a movie is no exception, the screenplay is everything. Cast, crew & production -…… Continue reading Hollywood 101 for Marketers

T- Shaped on Twitter, and in Life

#UsBlogs week 3 theme: “How to Build Your Offline Klout?” Online, the klout score is measured through a combination of different variables to measure reach, amplification and network score – when we take these offline we start to see how T-shaped people are a clear winner to building clout. True Reach: Driving reach offline is…… Continue reading T- Shaped on Twitter, and in Life