The ugly ratio of creative to media spend

In a new client meeting last week the subject of creative to media spend ratio came up and I almost fell off my chair. It’s not to say that this isn’t still quite a common element of agency-client conversation but the context was extraordinary. This is usually a topic that we see bandied about by…… Continue reading The ugly ratio of creative to media spend

Advertising + Digital = ?

What happens when you try to combine a traditional agency with a digital agency – after all this is all the rage right now, as the madison avenue big boys start snapping up the geeks left and right. Integration is the buzzword of the moment, we need to develop the product (and the skillset) to…… Continue reading Advertising + Digital = ?

Where is the traditional agency going?

The last few years have seen a great deal of discussion around the terminology that should follow that of an ‘advertising’ agency – there have been many terms bandied around ranging from brand to communications to idea to creative, but they all highlight one thing: The move of the business away from what has been tradtionally known as…… Continue reading Where is the traditional agency going?

Jetset & the International Lifestyle – Blessing or Burden?

My life, and career, to date have given me the opportunity to live, study and work in a number of different countries – specifically, but not necessarily in this order: France, Spain, UK, Croatia (briefly) and USA. This has meant that I have a large number of international colleagues, ex-colleagues and friends – I think…… Continue reading Jetset & the International Lifestyle – Blessing or Burden?

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Anglo or English?

It gets harder and harder as the years – and the moves – go by to answer that inevitable question "where are you from?". And when you have the pleasure of starting x new jobs in y new countries it tends to come up quite a bit. It's been almost 10 years that I left…… Continue reading Anglo or English?

From my old blog to a new one

After struggling for a while with various different blogs and not really knowing how to make them all work together – or for that matter to find a particular direction – I have now decided to focus purely on Anglo Abroad and to abandon the various other sites.I have therefore imported the relevant posts from…… Continue reading From my old blog to a new one

Itchy Feet

Itchy feet is a beautiful English term – I'm not entirely sure that it has made it into American usage – but it so neatly encompasses the feeling that I tend to get every 6 to 10 months.A while back, I wrote a post about Choosing a City which is worth me re-reading quickly before…… Continue reading Itchy Feet

The Blackberry Pearl

I have finally plumped for another crackberry – after a week or so of saying that back in France I didn’t need to be connected to my email 24/7… I was wrong… It appears that once you crackberry, you can’t go back.So I have opted for the new Pearl on SFR.

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En route to CrackBerry-dom

So I've finally decided that I need a Crackberry – not just because I'm a gadget addict but also so I can check my email on the treadmill at the gym in the morning! I'm only part way through my existing contract, so will have to shell out a few hundred $ to get the…… Continue reading En route to CrackBerry-dom

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FriendsReunited – OK, so it does work so it does actually work…I had dinner on Saturday evening with someone who I was at primary school with – amazing to get in touch with someone after 10 years.Thanks Jessica =)

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