A dinner date with iOS 7

This evening, like a lot of iPhone and iPad users across Europe I’ll be hanging around my wifi connection hoping for this screen to change and show me something else, yes I’ll be waiting for the update to iOS7 for my iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iosIf it isn’t bad enough that this is a dinner date that will clearly be more important than dinner or prime time TV, the worst is that I spent part of last night and this morning trying to find out what time the upgrade would be available. And by the fact that I found a number of different articles and discussions around the same topic, I wasn’t the only one. And even when I found this piece with times for each major global city, I wasn’t completely convinced and I’ve been pulling up this screen every couple of hours all day long!

This really is a feat of product management and modern marketing when there is this much hype around an operating system update. I think Microsoft would have loved this around Windows…

But it won’t stop here, the chatter will only increase once markets start to get access and the millions of users will start pulling on the download. Then we will discover the places where the server load is working best, or fewer users are upgrading, and the bugs around the installation itself.

As for me, it’s been at least 10 minutes since I last checked, so time to check again and wait for the upgrade to be available. I just hope that it won’t take too long or else my dinner date could run way into the night or stand me up altogether!


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By Lex Bradshaw-Zanger

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