It’s time to think (anew)

A very interesting piece by Charlie Lowe (@charliemlowe) at DTD today talking about the… …critical lack of resourceful and talented people in the world. and how this is particularly relevant to the advertising industry; and he makes a very valid point in that creative thinking and talented people tend to go hand in hand and as…… Continue reading It’s time to think (anew)

Digital planner, an even rarer bird

The traditional advertising agency strategic planner is a rare bird, mostly of anglo-saxon origin and more often than not found congregating in London, New York and Minneapolis. Every other country outside the anglo-saxon world that has tried to apply strategic planning, never seems to get it quite right, either from an internal or external perspective.…… Continue reading Digital planner, an even rarer bird

Where is the traditional agency going?

The last few years have seen a great deal of discussion around the terminology that should follow that of an ‘advertising’ agency – there have been many terms bandied around ranging from brand to communications to idea to creative, but they all highlight one thing: The move of the business away from what has been tradtionally known as…… Continue reading Where is the traditional agency going?