The new gold rush. 💵💴

With #eCommerce penetration now at critical mass, and beyond in many categories, the new gold rush is to connect media #audiences with the retail platforms — or simply to integrate the transactional step of the funnel.

Looking East to the promises of #SocialCommerce, the key factor in all these executions is to connect the broadest audiences to a transaction in the most #frictionless way possible. Our western platforms are very horizontal, strong publishers with a monopolistic grasp on their own media/content model or commerce ecosystems; but they often deliver a broken consumer journey as they transition between the media and commerce platforms; looking at the ecosystems of #Ali and #TenCent we see a more vertical model through the funnel to transaction — at a very simple level, a single login to cover addressable mass-media, engagement platforms, KOL and influencers through to commerce, payment, logistics and even physical retail (do you know Hema?).

But the tides, and the tech, are turning…

👻 Snap Inc. Dives Into E-Commerce With Augmented Reality

📷 Instagram Expands In-App Checkout to UK

⏰ And our work with TikTok ‘Going through the whole marketing funnel’: Why L’Oréal is turning to TikTok for commerce boost

🛒 Even the commerce ecosystem is working its way upstream; ‘#Amazon Live’ is the retailer’s latest effort to take on QVC with #live-streamed video

What’s next?
👗 🧥 Have you heard about SHEIN? Will they be next to launch a social network and leverage their audience?

Are you looking at your consumer journeys to find the points of friction? Is everything shoppable without being a sales pitch?

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By Lex Bradshaw-Zanger

A digital native and integrated brand marketer with a passion for marketing-communications and product design, Lex has a truly international outlook and experience, having worked both in major marketing agencies and client-side brands across Europe, the US and the Middle East.

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