Choosing a city…

With my little European jaunt underway, I stopped to think this morning about how one should choose a city to live in; it’s clear that not everyone has the luxury of dreaming a city and saying "I want to move there" but there are times (I've had a couple) when you need to decide where…… Continue reading Choosing a city…

The Taproot Foundation

I've joined the Taproot Foundation, which is a volunteer group offering marketing consultancy services to charities & NGOs.Click on the link and find out more.We are currently working on the annual Report for Achievement First, a group of charter schools in CT & NY.

Trading in my TX license

It was a sad day at the DMC when I had my eyes tested and handed in my TX license to replace it with one from NY state…The system could easily by compared to French bureaucracy – and I'll probably be murdered for saying this – and it might even be a little bit worse…… Continue reading Trading in my TX license

The Target Obsession

So it's been a week since my Target adventure and in retrospect it seems like a funny story to tell – and yes, Anya you can share this too…It all started with an ad (a full page ad) in GQ for a great looking herringbone blazer – just great for the holidays that I thought…… Continue reading The Target Obsession

The first Thanksgiving

So that whole thing about 'first' thanksgiving isn't really true – I'm not going to write a history lesson about pilgrims, indians and founding fathers; not because it isn't interesting, or because it wouldn't be helpful to 99% of the people reading this but mainly because I don't know and therefore there's a good chance…… Continue reading The first Thanksgiving

Coming to America

Now wasn't that a cheesy 80s Eddie Murphy film? And now I've really set the tone for this whole blog. Well I'm writing this at the Air France gate @ Paris, Charles de Gaulle, Airport – it's early, I'm not feeling creative, and god knows who I'll end sitting next to on the plane. I…… Continue reading Coming to America

A little introduction…

Thanks to the UPF MBA, Barcelona for sponsoring my mugshot.So that's me, not on one of my best days, in fact it looks like I've justbeen involved in a failed mafia hit, in an italian restaurant with badmeatballs (but that's another story). I'm a British BA-MBA-OP, not necessarily in that order, working for a French…… Continue reading A little introduction…

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